TOP 13 Most Iconic Planets in Star Wars Galaxy Map

Details of some of the most iconic star wars planets in the star wars galaxy, from the desert world of Tatooine to the lava world of Mustafar.

The Star Wars universe is probably one of the richest and most complex in cinema. With dozens of planets, moons and civilizations, it’s easy to get geographically lost. Places like Tatooine and Naboo are important to the galactic adventure and it’s hard to forget them. But in the long list of scenarios, names such as Kasbyyyk can cause strangeness for the least addicted fans.


landscape from the planet Alderaan

Human colons arrived at Alderaan long before the Republic was created and discovered a beautiful planet abandoned by alien insects known as Killiks. As one of the Republic’s leading members, Alderaan has become a symbol of human culture across the galaxy, through its majestic cities connected with nature and its renowned universities.

People across the galaxy admired the local food, spice wines and dance, theatre and poetry exhibitions from the Alderian culture. Three famous local creatures – Thrantas, Grazers and Nerfs – also spread across the galaxy.

After the horrors of the Clonic Wars, Alderaan formally adopted a more pacifist position and destroyed all the large-caliber weapons it possessed. Cynics observe that such a decision was an act to facilitate the planet and its famous leader, Bail Organa, to oppose the New Order, created by the Galactic Empire, and preserve the most ancient traditions of the Republic.

Alderaan’s story doesn’t have a happy ending. After being captured by the troops of the Galatic Empire, Leia, Bali’s adoptive daughter and her successor, needs to choose between delivering the Rebel Alliance’s base location or seeing her home destroyed by the Death Star. She decides to give false information and is forced to see Alderaan explode.

The Death Star super laser left an asteroid field, known as the Cemetery, surrounded by Alderaan’ s moon remains at the scene. Many Alderiaan exiles still visit the Cemetery to pay homage to the dead by the Empire. This tradition became known as the Return. The planet, brother Delaya, survived the destruction and is the only habitable planet in the system. Delaya is a rural planet, with little industry and no importance to the galaxy.


city of the clouds the most important city on the planet bespin.

Bespin is one of the few gaseous planets that have a large number of inhabitants across the galaxy. Humans colonized the planet and with the help of a merchant named Figg, the “Master of Commerce of the Rim of Javin”, built the City of the Clouds. Other cities and centers of Tibanna gas extraction would also be built, but only the City of the Clouds would gain fame for the galaxy.

During the Clonic Wars, Bespin was controlled by the Republic. But following a Confederate invasion, the planet began to extract Tibanna Gas for the Confederation. As the Clonic Wars unfolded, more refugees arrived on the planet. These were Ugnaughts and Lutrillians. With the end of the Clonic Wars, Bespin can resume trade with the newly created Galactic Empire.

During the period of the Galactic Civil War, Bespin was one of the few worlds not occupied by the Empire. This changed, when Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO arrived on the planet to seek refuge after the horrible rebel defeat in Hoth. Without suspecting that they were being followed by the hunter Boba Fett, they are all greeted by Han’s former friend, Lando Calrissian, the local administrator and head of security of Cloud City. However, days later, Darth Vader appears and makes a deal with Lando. He is forced to turn Han over to Boba Fett and call young Luke Skywalker’s attention to a duel.

While Vader was busy with Luke, Lando changes sides and orders the evacuation of the majority of the local population before an imperial invasion. Darth Vader punishes the few inhabitants with a severe military occupation of the planet. But, this occupation would last a short time, because in the following year, the Empire would suffer its biggest defeat of the war and Bespin would be one of the first planets that would free themselves from imperial control after Endor.


coruscant senate building

During prehistory, Coruscant was an immense battlefield between two peoples: the Taungs (Mandalorians) and the Zhell (Humans). After a long war, the Taungs left the planet and the Zhells started building a big city. The Megalopolis that would become known as the Galactic City was erected in 90.000 ABY.

In the year 30.000 ABY, the Infinite Empire Rakatano colonized the world and taught the humans about its technology. Quickly, the inhabitants of Coruscant would colonize other worlds close to the planet. With the definitive fall of the Infinite Empire, in the year 25.000 ABY, the Galactic Republic appeared.

In a few years the planet had been dominated by urbanization, with the exception of the Maranai Mountains, the only natural place of Coruscant. On the surface, the richest and most privileged lived as gods of an immense galaxy. Undergrounds were inhabited by cannibalistic mutants and possibly by the first outlaws. Several districts emerged in the enormous city, such as: the Glitiannai District, full of shops with expensive products; the District of Labor, with its endless factories; and the Legislative District, where the Galactic Senate sheltered.

Unfortunately, Coruscant had always been the main target of several military actions such as the Tionese Wars, the Alsakan Conflicts, the Duinuogwuin Contestation, the Great Droid Revolution and the Great Sith War. The Jedi Order would focus on Coruscant in the year 3,996 ABY after the destruction of Ossus. In 3,653, the Coruscant Treaty would be signed between the Sith Republic and Empire.

During the period of the Clonic Wars, Coruscant was a corrupt and decadent world, until Dooku launched an attack against the planet in 19 ABY. When Palpatine declared the emergence of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant was chosen to be the capital.

The New Republic would only recover Coruscant after the imperial downfall in Endor. However, it would lose the world again to the Black Empire in 10 DBY. In the year 27 DBY, Coruscant would fall into the clutches of the Vong, where they would begin a long process of land formation. But in 29 DBY, the world would return to the hands of the Galactic Alliance.


Yoda meditating in Degobah planet landscape

Dagobah is considered the wettest planet in the galaxy and the least suitable for colonization. Fortunately, few have visited the world, either by accident or for their own reasons.

The planet is in the Sluis system, near the Rimma Trade Route. However, the only way to get there is by using alternative and unknown routes. At the beginning of Galactic History, Dagobah was one of the few worlds that had not been mapped by galactic explorers. But on more than one occasion, the world ended up being explored by several expeditions that always ended in failure. An Alderian expedition had all its members devoured by the local fauna. Another expedition, republican and military, had its members imprisoned on the planet and forced to practice cannibalism. The survivors ended up becoming cannibals and still inhabit the planet’s southern hemisphere.

No colony has been established on the planet, but the fauna and flora are immense. The marshy surface of Dagobah is protected by huge mangroves. The fauna varies between small worms and giant carnivorous slugs. The most remarkable creatures on the planet are the Cobra Dragons (the same one that tried to devour R2-D2 in Ep. V), the Swamp Bats and the Root Spiders.

Dagobah is best known for having sheltered the exiled Jedi Master Yoda, after he failed to kill Emperor Palpatine. Yoda chose this world because it is located in a system with more than 38 planets and because it is not stored in the Jedi library. For almost two decades, Yoda remained hidden in a mud hut, using a cave dominated by the dark side (for a Sith Lord from Bpfassh perished while exploiting the world) protected his power from the reach of the Emperor. Yoda was responsible for the training of Luke Skywalker, but died the following year at approximately 900 years.

Imperial and republican attempts to transform the world, after the Battle of Endor, into an outpost failed and the planet became an uninhabited and unknown world again. After the Galactic Civil War ended and the New Jedi Order was created, many warriors of light visited the world and explored the cave on the dark side to receive possible visions of the future.


Three Ewoks standing in the planet Endor

The planet is extremely rich in life and has three native peoples. There are also groups of looters and pirates who live on the moon as a hiding place or because they have been trapped there.

The Ewoks are the most common natives of the moon. They are small bears that live in large trees. Even being primitive, the Ewoks are great engineers and fanatical warriors in defending their world. After the imperial defeat on the moon and the creation of the New Republic, some Ewoks became mercenaries in the fight against the remnants of the Empire.

Another people of Endor are the Yuzzum. Peaceful and numerous, the Yuzzum are famous for their long legs and perfect vocal cords. Many were captured by hunters and used as slaves at Hutts’ parties. The last people of Endor and also the rarest are the Gorax. Giant and violent creatures the Gorax were considered legends in the tribes of Ewoks and Yuzzum. But after the coming of the Empire to the moon, the sighting of such creatures increased. Even so, the Gorax remain rare.

After Palpatine’s death, the Alliance used the moon as its main base of operations. But that would change with the invasion of the Nagai, who would force the rebels to leave the moon. Endor would be almost isolated from the galaxy if it weren’t for the construction of a rebel communications post left there for surveillance.


Planet Geonosis landscape

Geonosis was found by chance by settlers who had discovered Tatooine. A desert planet inhabited by insectoids called geonosians. The geonosians were fascinated by human technology and developed enormous factories for machines production.

However, the Tatooine settlers gave up investing in the planet and went to join the Republic. The factories stopped operating and the geonosians entered a troubled period of civil war. The war lasted 100 years and only ended when the Trade Federation reached the planet. The Geonosians made new agreements and reactivated their factories for massive production of battle droids.

When Darth Sidious took over the Federation, he discovered Geonosis and made a deal with the Geonosians to create a huge and powerful battle station: the Death Star. Geonosis would be the first capital of the Confederacy and also the first battle of the Clonic Wars, where the Republic would have a fierce victory against the Confederacy.

After the war and the fall of the Republic, the Empire kept the world under its control and reactivated some factories for the Geonosians to build new weapons for the Empire. After the beginning of the New Republic, the factories were completely dismantled and Geonosis became isolated to prevent other forces from using it for a new conflict.


Luke Skywalker in the Hoth planet

Hoth is a desolate and uninhabited planet. Extricately cold, Hoth is not a recommendable planet for anyone. Even though it is very cold, some life forms can survive on its surface. Tauntauns, Wampas and giant ice worms are some of the examples of the small and strange fauna of the planet.

Discovered by chance by Luke Skywalker and C-3PO, the planet was eventually chosen by the Alliance to maintain the new rebel base against the Empire. Even close to the Corellian Route, Hoth was rarely visited. The rebels were the latest fugitives to seek shelter on the planet. Before them, pirates, smugglers, and others also used Hoth to hide from authorities. In fact, Echo Base was an expansion of a pirate base of the fearsome mon calamari Salmakk.

However, after a year of living on the planet, the Alliance was forced to abandon it to the Empire after a long and arduous battle caused the rebels to suffer great losses. Hoth would return to being a desolate planet after the epic battle that took place on its surface.


In 19,000 ABY, Kamino was a world with beautiful green continents and high mountains. Its inhabitants lived in large, advanced cities. But because of global warming, the polar ice caps thawed and the whole world was consumed by water. Thousands drowned.

In 4,500 ABY, representatives of the Old Republic came into contact with the planet and offered the Kaminoans a seat in the Senate. However, the Kaminoans rejected the Republicans’ proposal and simply offered their cloning skills. In just a few years, Kamino would be frequented by political and corporate leaders to produce clones of miners, workers and even rare species.

In 32 ABY, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas hired the Kaminoans to create a professional army for the Republic. Former Jedi Count Dookan sent bounty hunter Jango Fett to be the basis for the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic. In the end, it would be Darth Sidious who would finalize the project and even delete his location from the Jedi until the year 22 ABY, when the world was found by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In 22 ABY, the Clonic Wars had begun and Kamino would be the target of three Separatist attacks throughout the war until 19 ABY. Tipoca City, the capital of the planet, would be badly damaged and many clones would perish in these incessant attacks against the main clone factory in the galaxy.

After the war, Kamino would become a large and powerful imperial fortress and continue to produce more clones for the newly created Stormtrooper Corps. However, in 12 ABY, the Kaminoans would attempt a revolt against the control of the Empire, but this would react with a lot of violence and would deactivate all the clone installations on the planet in retaliation to the revolt.

After the collapse of the Empire in 4 DBY, Kamino suffered a horrible economic crisis with the end of the limited production of clones that the Empire had authorized years after the revolt. Today, the planet is still under the control of the remnants of the Empire (First Order), but only makes small cloning contracts with mercenary and mafia corporations.


Planet Kashyyyk landscape

Kashyyyk is the home planet of the huge, strong, hairy and intelligent wookiees. A world rich in flora and fauna, full of forests, mountains and rivers. It is one of the few planets rich in natural raw materials.

At 30,000 ABY, Kashyyyk was a wild world with no organized inhabitants. It was occupied and terraformed by the Rakatano Infinite Empire.

In 4,020 ABY, the Wookiees emerged and established several organized and advanced tribes thanks to the occupation of the planet by the Czerka Corporation, which would change the name of the world to Edean.

After many years of suffering, the Wookiees launched a rebellion against the Czerka Corporation in 3,956 ABY. After a long struggle, Czerka abandoned Kashyyyk and the Wookiees established a powerful tribal government. In the same year, Kashyyyk joined the Republic in the Galactic Senate.

From 40 to 32 ABY, the wookiees would clash with their Trandoshian neighbors over control of Alaris’ moons. After great losses to both sides, the wookiees would establish several colonies on the moons.

In the year 19 ABY, at the end of the Clonic Wars, separatist forces invaded Kashyyyk and attacked its capital, Kachirho. Thanks to Republican reinforcements under Master Yoda’s command, the separatists were expelled from the planet.

After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Kashyyyk would become a slave world. Wookiees would be used for forced labor, while Trandoshians would be paid to hunt for possible refugees. This dark period of the Wookiees would come to an end with the coming of the New Republic and the expulsion of the Empire from that system. Kashyyyk would then become an essential member of the new Galactic Senate.

He escaped unharmed during the Vongs war, but was the scene of a horrible battle between the Republic and the Corellian Confederation, where the Sith leader Darth Caedus would destroy half the planet.


Lava Landscape from Mustafar Planet

Mustafar, the world of fire, the place where Darth Vader – formerly known as the Jedi hero Anakin Skywalker – suffered horrific combat injuries and became a brutal cyborg.

Located in the sector of Rimma, Mustafar before orbited the gaseous giant called Jestefad and had a green surface and full of life. In 5300 ABY, the Jedi Order established a Training Academy on the planet. One of the Jedi trained in the world was Master Chu-Don Gar who told the legends that he could modify even the smallest molecules of a living being using the Force.

In 3996 ABY, the Sith attacked and Mustafar changed dramatically. When the Sith used a gravitational weapon, they pulled Lefrani’s neighboring gaseous planet and Lefrani ended up “sticking” into the atmosphere of the gaseous Jestefad, with Mustafar in between the two. Because of the gravitational approximation of both planets, Mustafar’s nucleus expanded and the lava of the nucleus spread over its entire surface. All life forms on the surface, including the Jedi and Sith, died leaving the world to underground beings like Lava Flies, Jawenko Beasts and a small tribe of humanoid insects. These humanoids became known as the Mustafarans and were divided into two castes: the skinny ones inhabited the mountainous regions of the north and the large and strong ones inhabited the volcanic regions in the south.

In 300 ABY, the Technological Union occupied the planet and began a long process of mining through the endless rivers of lava. Soon, Mustafar was infested with industries and processing centers, where droids and mustafarans worked non-stop. During the Clonic Wars, Darth Sidious hired the hunter Cad Bane to kidnap children connected to the Force, in order to create a troop of spies connected to the Force.

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano discovered the plan and destroyed the secret base in Mustafar that would turn the children into loyal killers of Lord Sith. But Sidious wouldn’t forget Mustafar. In 19 ABY, Sidious sent the entire Separatist Council to hide, but in fact he used such a place to send Darth Vader, who killed the whole council and ended up with the Clonic Wars. Soon after, Vader confronted Obi-Wan in a long duel and was seriously injured in the end.

During the Empire, Mustafar was transformed into the main mining center of the Mining Guild. Several battles would take place for the control of such a world, the last of which would be between members of the New Jedi Order against an ancient Sith evil.


Planet Naboo Landscape

Naboo, located in the center of the Chommell sector on the South Rim, was the site of a huge battle that would forever change the way you govern a galaxy and open the door to a bigger and more devastating conflict. It is also home to historic characters such as Emperor Palpatine and the clumsy Jar Jar Binks.

The planet has a peculiar geology. It doesn’t have a lava nucleus, but several small plasma nuclei. Huge oceans, inhabited by the most dangerous beings on the planet, and giant swamps separate the long green plains from the highest and coldest mountains, such as the Gallo Mountains.

The Gungan amphibians were the first to establish a tribal, but heavily militarized, government on the planet to defend themselves against the violent bursa. The Gungans also had a long war against the first settlers, who ended up expelled from the planet, but left hundreds of mysterious ruins all over the world.

The next settlers were human, came from the world of Grizmallt and had only three ships. After a brief conflict, Gungans and the human colonizers signed a peace agreement. The Gungans took refuge in their submerged cities, while humans spread out and established hundreds of cities across the planet. Even separated by geography, both had their own internal conflicts. A war between the Gungan tribes resulted in the rise of Otoh Gunga as the capital of the Gungan government. Humans, now called the Naboo, had a civil war of more than 1000 years that resulted in the creation of the capital Theed.

The established government was monarchic and had a representative in the Republican Senate. In 32 ABY, Queen Amidala, who had succeeded King Veruna, and Senator Palpatine were the main representatives of Naboo in the Senate. Palpatine, disguised as the Black Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, ordered the Trade Federation to block and invade Naboo. Even though the Jedi solved the crisis, Palpatine got what he wanted. He became the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, caused the Clonic Wars and established the powerful Galactic Empire.

Amidala became senator of Naboo in 24 ABY and her throne would be occupied by Queen Jamillia who would soon be replaced by Queen Apailana. Considered suspicious for hiding Jedi refugees from the Empire, Apailana would eventually become a powerful symbol of local resistance when imperial troops killed her during the occupation of the planet. Naboo ended up becoming the Emperor’s private retreat and the former head of royal security, Captain Panaka, would become the cruel Moff of the Chommell Sector. But a strong local resistance would continue in activity until the liberation of the planet by the New Republic. Naboo would suffer at the hands of the Empire during Operation Cinder, but would become a key member of the new galactic senate.

Yavin 4

Rebel base in the Planet Yavin 4

Yavin 4 was one of three habitable moons on the giant gas planet Yavin. Its surface has six continents occupying 67% of the total. These continents are mostly covered with immense expanses of tropical jungles and few mountain currents dominated by volcanoes. Yavin 4 also has six interconnected oceans that cover 35% of the moon. The native creatures of Yavin IV exist mainly in the tropical jungles, where life flourishes in the heat.

Covered by forests, the moon has a rich flora and fauna, as well as ancient temples that serve as barracks for the rebels.
In episode 4, The Death Star tries to eliminate Yavin, as a tracer placed in the Millennium Falcon denounces the secret base location of the Rebel Alliance. The destruction is prevented by Luke Skywalker and Han solo, who defeat the Empire’s war station.


landscape from Planet Tatooine

Desert rocky planet in a binary star system of the Arkanis sector on the Outer Rim. Fossil records suggest that it was covered at least once by large, dry oceans. Among its famous geological formations were the Dune Sea, a huge sodium-rich desert, the Mushroom Mesa a vast formation of erect giant stones, and the Jundland Wastes, a rocky region.

The days were extremely arid and luminous, especially during the double Noon. Less than 1% of the planet’s surface was covered by water and the average moisture level was 5.4%. Mysterious vapors regularly left the ground where the desert sands met cliffs and plateaus. Water trapped in the sandstone veins below the sand and complex chemical reactions are believed to cause the water to rise when the soil cools and return to the subsoil with the double sunrise.

It was the home of Anakin Skywalker and the place where his son Luke would be kept safe until he was ready to know about his life and what it would become.

Star Wars: Galactic Atlas

Star Wars: Galactic Atlas Is a reference book. An atlas of colorful illustrations by Tim McDonagh. It covers the first seven Star Wars movies, as well as the Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars series and novels and comics.

This is the atlas of “Star Wars” for fans of intergalactic geography and biodiversity. The book has detailed maps that also show the people and creatures that live in each region of the universe.

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