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About LEGO Star Wars Sets: Complete List

About Lego Star Wars Sets

This page to summarize as much information as possible about LEGO Star Wars. Here you will find current news and rumors as well as general information about older sets, minifigures, games and much more.

Latest LEGO Star Wars News

History of the LEGO Star Wars Line

The LEGO Star Wars line was launched as a licensed theme at LEGO in 1999 and was originally licensed until 2008. The LEGO Group has extended the license with Lucasfilm Ltd. once until 2011 and once again until 2016. In 2012, when Disney acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. and all rights to Star Wars, another 10-year contract was signed – which means that the license agreement between LEGO and Disney now runs until 2022.

In addition to the more than 600 LEGO Star Wars sets released, the cooperation has also resulted in multiple video games, smaller TV series and even short films. There are also a lot of merchandising products in the form of T-shirts, key rings, bread boxes and much more.

The LEGO Star Wars line begins

The first LEGO Star Wars sets were released in 1999 for the release of Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace. At that time, the first 13 sets were released under the “LEGO System” brand. There were eight sets from Star Wars Episode I and five sets from the original trilogy (OT):

    • LEGO 7101: Lightsaber Duel (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7110: Landspeeder (OT)
    • LEGO 7111 Droid Fighter (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7121: Naboo Swamp (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7128: Speeder Bikes (OT)
    • LEGO 7130: Snowspeeder (OT)
    • LEGO 7131: Anakin’s Podracer (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7140: X-Wing Fighter (OT)
    • LEGO 7141: Naboo Fighter (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7150: TIE Fighter & Y-Wing (OT)
    • LEGO 7151: Sith Infiltrator (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7161: Gungan Sub (Episode I)
    • LEGO 7171: Mos Espa Podrace (Episode I)

Since the year 2000 the LEGO Star Wars sets were no longer sold with the classic “LEGO System” print and there were some innovations…

Release of the Ultimate Collector Series

In the year 2000 the first two sets were released under the newly created seal of the “Ultimate Collector Series” (UCS):

    • LEGO 7191 X-Wing Fighter
    • LEGO 7181 TIE Interceptor

The X-Wing Fighter was the largest LEGO Star Wars set at that time with 1,300 pieces, but by far not the largest LEGO set. In the year 2000 it was probably the LEGO 3450 Statue of Liberty with 2882 pieces.

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series is still a popular series for large sets among collectors. At the current time (November 2019), 36 sets have been released in the Ultimate Collector Series. Since September 2018, the Ultimate Collector Series has been supplemented by the so-called Master Builder Series, which will contain large models with high game value in the future, while the Ultimate Collector Series, according to LEGO, will only contain detailed models.

The LEGO Star Wars Series Over The Years

Over the years new Star Wars movies came into the cinemas and depending on that there were more and less LEGO Star Wars sets on the toy store shelves:

YearFilm/SeriesNumber of Sets
1999Episode I (Cinema)13
2002Episode II (Cinema)25
2003The Clone Wars S01 (Cartoon series on TV)20
2004The Clone Wars S02 (Cartoon series on TV)15
2005Episode III (Cinema)
The Clone Wars S03 (Cartoon series on TV)
2008Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Animated Film in Cinema)
The Clone Wars S01 (Animation series on TV)
2009The Clone Wars S02 (Animation series on TV)26
2010The Clone Wars S03 (Animation series on TV)29
2011The Clone Wars S04 (Animation series on TV)33
2012The Clone Wars S05 (Animation series on TV)38
2014The Clone Wars S06 (Animation series on TV)
Rebels S01 (Animation series on TV)
2015Episode VII (Cinema)
Rebels S02 (Animation series on TV)
2016Rebels S03 (Animation series on TV)67
2017Episode VIII (Cinema)
Rebels S04 (Animation series on TV)

As you can see, the number of LEGO Star Wars sets on average has increased significantly each year. The number of film and series material means that there are always enough sets that can be re-released and there is always something new to come.

All LEGO Star Wars Sets

Here you will find an overview of all LEGO Star Wars sets released so far. The list contains only the “normal” basic sets.

Therefore they are not included in the list sets from:

These are all the LEGO Star Wars sets that have been released since 1999. The list is of course always kept as up to date as possible, so that you always have an overview of all regular sets.

71017101Lightsaber DuelThe Phantom Menace19995226
71107110LandspeederA New Hope19994926
71117111Droid FighterThe Phantom Menace1999626
71217121Naboo SwampThe Phantom Menace199982410
71287128Speeder BikesReturn of the Jedi199993310
71307130SnowspeederThe Empire Strikes Back1999215320
71317131Anakin's PodracerThe Phantom Menace1999136315
71407140X-wing FighterA New Hope1999266430
71417141Naboo FighterThe Phantom Menace1999179420
71507150TIE Fighter & Y-wingA New Hope1999409350
71517151Sith InfiltratorThe Phantom Menace1999244130
71617161Gungan SubThe Phantom Menace1999379350
71717171Mos Espa PodraceThe Phantom Menace19998961090
71047104Desert SkiffReturn of the Jedi20005526
71157115Gungan PatrolThe Phantom Menace200077210
71247124Flash SpeederThe Phantom Menace2000106110
71347134A-wing FighterReturn of the Jedi2000125215
71447144Slave IThe Empire Strikes Back2000166220
71557155Trade Federation AATThe Phantom Menace2000158220
71597159Star Wars BucketThe Phantom Menace2000292325
71807180B-wing at Rebel Control CenterReturn of the Jedi2000338330
71847184Trade Federation MTTThe Phantom Menace2000470750
71907190Millennium FalconA New Hope20006636100
71067106Droid EscapeA New Hope20014526
71267126Battle Droid CarrierThe Phantom Menace2001133710
71277127Imperial AT-STReturn of the Jedi2001107110
71467146TIE FighterA New Hope2001171220
71667166Imperial ShuttleReturn of the Jedi2001238435
71867186Watto's JunkyardThe Phantom Menace2001443250
71037103Jedi DuelAttack of the Clones200282210
71137113Tusken Raider EncounterAttack of the Clones200293310
71197119Twin-Pod Cloud CarThe Empire Strikes Back2002118110
71337133Bounty Hunter PursuitAttack of the Clones2002259330
71397139Ewok AttackReturn of the Jedi2002121413
71427142X-wing FighterA New Hope2002267430
71437143Jedi StarfighterAttack of the Clones2002139120
71527152TIE Fighter & Y-wingA New Hope2002410350
71537153Jango Fett's Slave IAttack of the Clones2002360250
71637163Republic GunshipAttack of the Clones2002693890
72007200Final Duel IReturn of the Jedi20023127
72017201Final Duel IIReturn of the Jedi20022637
72037203Jedi Defense IThe Phantom Menace20025937
72047204Jedi Defense IIThe Phantom Menace20025337
44754475Jabba's MessageReturn of the Jedi20034637
44764476Jabba's PrizeReturn of the Jedi20034037
44774477T-16 Skyhopper A New Hope200398115
44784478Geonosian FighterAttack of the Clones2003170420
44794479TIE BomberThe Empire Strikes Back2003230130
44804480Jabba's PalaceReturn of the Jedi2003231630
44814481Hailfire DroidAttack of the Clones200368150
44824482AT-TEAttack of the Clones2003658470
44834483AT-ATThe Empire Strikes Back200310684100
45004500Rebel SnowspeederThe Empire Strikes Back2004214320
45014501Mos Eisley CantinaA New Hope2004193530
45024502X-wing FighterThe Empire Strikes Back2004563350
45044504Millennium FalconThe Empire Strikes Back20049855100
72627262TIE Fighter and Y-WingA New Hope2004412350
72507250Clone Scout WalkerRevenge of the Sith 2005108110
72517251Darth Vader TransformationRevenge of the Sith 20055337
72527252Droid Tri-FighterRevenge of the Sith 2005148115
72567256Jedi Starfighter and Vulture DroidRevenge of the Sith 2005202120
72577257Ultimate Lightsaber DuelRevenge of the Sith 2005282230
72587258Wookiee AttackRevenge of the Sith 2005366530
72597259ARC-170 FighterRevenge of the Sith 2005396440
72607260Wookiee CatamaranRevenge of the Sith 2005376650
72617261Clone Turbo TankRevenge of the Sith 2005801790
72637263TIE FighterA New Hope2005159220
72647264Imperial InspectionReturn of the Jedi20053671050
72837283Ultimate Space BattleRevenge of the Sith 2005567450
62056205V-wing FighterRevenge of the Sith 2006118110
62066206TIE InterceptorReturn of the Jedi2006212119.99
62076207A-wing FighterReturn of the Jedi2006194216
62086208B-wing FighterReturn of the Jedi2006435234.99
62096209Slave IThe Empire Strikes Back2006537549.99
62106210Jabba's Sail BargeReturn of the Jedi2006781874.99
62116211Imperial Star DestroyerA New Hope20061367999.99
62126212X-wing FighterThe Empire Strikes Back2006437649.99
72617261Clone Turbo Tank (non-light-up, 2006 edition)Revenge of the Sith 2006813890
76547654Droids Battle PackRevenge of the Sith 200710279.99
76557655Clone Troopers Battle PackRevenge of the Sith 20075849.99
76567656General Grievous StarfighterRevenge of the Sith 2007232119.99
76577657AT-STReturn of the Jedi2007244119.99
76587658Y-wing FighterA New Hope2007454239.99
76597659Imperial Landing CraftA New Hope2007471549.99
76607660Naboo N-1 Starfighter with Vulture DroidThe Phantom Menace2007280329.99
76617661Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster RingRevenge of the Sith 2007575249.99
76627662Trade Federation MTTThe Phantom Menace200713302199.99
76637663Sith InfiltratorThe Phantom Menace2007310129.99
76647664TIE CrawlerLegends2007548249.99
76657665Republic CruiserThe Phantom Menace2007919589.99
76667666Hoth Rebel BaseThe Empire Strikes Back2007548849.99
76677667Imperial DropshipLegends20088149.99
76687668Rebel Scout SpeederLegends20088249.99
76697669Anakin's Jedi StarfighterThe Clone Wars2008153219.99
76707670Hailfire Droid & Spider DroidThe Clone Wars2008249519.99
76717671AT-AP WalkerRevenge of the Sith 2008392239.99
76727672Rogue ShadowLegends2008482349.99
76737673Magna Guard StarfighterThe Clone Wars2008431244.99
76747674V-19 TorrentThe Clone Wars2008471154.99
76757675AT-TE WalkerThe Clone Wars2008798689.99
76767676Republic Attack GunshipThe Clone Wars200810347119.99
76787678Droid GunshipThe Clone Wars2008329329.99
76797679Republic Fighter TankThe Clone Wars2008592249.99
76807680The TwilightThe Clone Wars2008882499.99
76817681Separatist Spider DroidThe Clone Wars2008206529.99
77487748Corporate Alliance Tank DroidThe Clone Wars2009216424.99
77497749Echo BaseThe Empire Strikes Back2009155524.99
77517751Ahsoka's Starfighter and Vulture DroidThe Clone Wars2009291439.99
77527752Count Dooku's Solar SailerThe Clone Wars2009385454.99
77537753Pirate TankThe Clone Wars2009372339.99
77547754Home One Mon Calamari Star CruiserReturn of the Jedi20097896109.99
77787778Midi-scale Millennium FalconA New Hope200935639.99
80148014Clone Walker Battle PackThe Clone Wars200972411.99
80158015Assassin Droids Battle PackThe Clone Wars200994511.99
80168016Hyena Droid BomberThe Clone Wars2009232319.99
80178017Darth Vader's TIE FighterA New Hope2009251129.99
80188018Armored Assault Tank (AAT)The Clone Wars2009407749.99
80198019Republic Attack ShuttleThe Clone Wars2009636359.99
80368036Separatist ShuttleThe Clone Wars2009259529.99
80378037Anakin's Y-wing StarfighterThe Clone Wars2009570359.99
80388038The Battle of EndorReturn of the Jedi20098901299.99
80398039Venator-Class Republic Attack CruiserThe Clone Wars200911705119.99
80838083Rebel Trooper Battle PackThe Empire Strikes Back201079411.99
80848084Snowtrooper Battle PackThe Empire Strikes Back201074411.99
80858085Freeco SpeederThe Clone Wars2010177224.99
80868086Droid Tri-FighterThe Clone Wars2010268324.99
80878087TIE DefenderLegends2010304249.99
80888088ARC-170 StarfighterRevenge of the Sith 2010396459.99
80898089Hoth Wampa CaveThe Empire Strikes Back2010297339.99
80918091Republic Swamp SpeederRevenge of the Sith 2010176529.99
80928092Luke's LandspeederA New Hope2010163624.99
80938093Plo Koon's Jedi StarfighterThe Clone Wars2010175224.99
80958095General Grievous' StarfighterThe Clone Wars2010454449.99
80968096Emperor Palpatine's ShuttleRevenge of the Sith 2010592459.99
80978097Slave IThe Empire Strikes Back2010573479.99
80998099Midi-scale Imperial Star DestroyerA New Hope201042339.99
81288128Cad Bane's SpeederThe Clone Wars2010318549.99
81298129AT-AT WalkerThe Empire Strikes Back20108158109.99
78687868Mace Windu's Jedi StarfighterThe Clone Wars2011313539.99
78697869Battle for GeonosisThe Clone Wars2011331539.99
78777877Naboo StarfighterThe Phantom Menace2011318649.99
78797879Hoth Echo BaseThe Empire Strikes Back2011773889.99
79137913Clone Trooper Battle PackThe Clone Wars201185412.99
79147914Mandalorian Battle PackThe Clone Wars201168412.99
79157915Imperial V-wing StarfighterLegends2011139219.99
79297929The Battle of NabooThe Phantom Menace20112411224.99
79307930Bounty Hunter Assault GunshipThe Clone Wars2011389449.99
79317931T-6 Jedi ShuttleThe Clone Wars2011389459.99
79567956Ewok AttackReturn of the Jedi2011166324.99
79577957Sith NightspeederThe Clone Wars2011213324.99
79597959Geonosian StarfighterThe Clone Wars2011155329.99
79617961Darth Maul's Sith InfiltratorThe Phantom Menace2011479469.99
79627962Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's PodracersThe Phantom Menace2011810589.99
79647964Republic FrigateThe Clone Wars201110155119.99
79657965Millennium FalconA New Hope201112546139.99
94889488Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle PackThe Clone Wars201298412.99
94899489Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle PackReturn of the Jedi201277412.99
94909490Droid EscapeA New Hope2012137419.99
94919491Geonosian CannonThe Clone Wars2012132419.99
94929492TIE FighterA New Hope2012413454.99
94939493X-wing StarfighterA New Hope2012560459.99
94949494Anakin's Jedi InterceptorRevenge of the Sith 2012300539.99
94959495Gold Leader's Y-wing StarfighterA New Hope2012458349.99
94969496Desert SkiffReturn of the Jedi2012213424.99
94979497Republic Striker-class StarfighterThe Old Republic2012376344.99
94989498Saesee Tiin's Jedi StarfighterThe Clone Wars2012244329.99
94999499Gungan SubThe Phantom Menace2012465469.99
95009500Sith Fury-class InterceptorThe Old Republic2012741389.99
95159515MalevolenceThe Clone Wars201210926119.99
95169516Jabba's PalaceReturn of the Jedi201271710119.99
95259525Pre Vizsla's Mandalorian FighterThe Clone Wars2012403349.99
95269526Palpatine's ArrestRevenge of the Sith 2012645689.99
7500075000Clone Troopers vs. DroidekasAttack of the Clones2013124412.99
7500175001Republic Troopers vs. Sith TroopersThe Old Republic201363412.99
7500275002AT-RTThe Clone Wars2013222419.99
7500375003A-wing StarfighterReturn of the Jedi2013177324.99
7500475004Z-95 HeadhunterThe Clone Wars2013373349.99
7500575005Rancor PitReturn of the Jedi2013380459.99
7501275012BARC Speeder with SidecarThe Clone Wars2013226424.99
7501375013Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon)The Clone Wars2013493449.99
7501475014Battle of HothThe Empire Strikes Back2013426749.99
7501575015Corporate Alliance Tank DroidAttack of the Clones2013271319.99
7501675016Homing Spider DroidAttack of the Clones2013295529.99
7501775017Duel on GeonosisAttack of the Clones2013391439.99
7501875018JEK-14's Stealth StarfighterOriginal Content2013550469.99
7501975019AT-TE Attack of the Clones2013794589.99
7502075020Jabba's Sail BargeReturn of the Jedi20138506119.99
7502175021Republic GunshipAttack of the Clones201311757119.99
7502275022Mandalorian SpeederThe Clone Wars2013211324.99
7502475024HH-87 StarhopperThe Clone Wars2013362339.99
7502575025Jedi Defender-class CruiserThe Old Republic2013927489.99
7503475034Death Star TroopersA New Hope2014102412.9911.89
7503575035Kashyyyk TroopersRevenge of the Sith 201499412.9911.89
7503675036Utapau TroopersRevenge of the Sith 201483412.9911.89
7503775037Battle on SaleucamiRevenge of the Sith 2014183514.9919.99
7503875038Jedi InterceptorRevenge of the Sith 2014223224.9929.99
7503975039V-Wing StarfighterRevenge of the Sith 2014201224.99
7504075040General Grievous' Wheel BikeRevenge of the Sith 2014261224.9929.99
7504175041Vulture DroidRevenge of the Sith 2014205324.99
7504275042Droid GunshipRevenge of the Sith 2014439449.9949.99
7504375043AT-APRevenge of the Sith 2014717559.9969.99
7504475044Droid Tri-FighterRevenge of the Sith 2014262429.9939.99
7504575045Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle CannonThe Clone Wars2014434439.9949.99
7504675046Coruscant Police GunshipThe Clone Wars2014481449.9959.99
7504875048The PhantomRebels2014234224.9929.99
7504975049SnowspeederThe Empire Strikes Back2014278329.9939.99
7505075050B-WingReturn of the Jedi2014448349.9929.99
7505175051Jedi Scout FighterOriginal Content2014490459.9969.99
7505275052Mos Eisley CantinaA New Hope2014615869.9979.99
7505375053The GhostRebels2014929489.9999.99
7505475054AT-ATThe Empire Strikes Back201411375109.99119.99
7505575055Imperial Star DestroyerA New Hope201413597129.99129.99
7505875058MTTThe Phantom Menace20149541289.9999.99
7507875078Imperial Troop TransportRebels2015141412.9916.99
7507975079Shadow TroopersLegends201595412.9916.99
7508075080AATThe Phantom Menace2015251324.9929.99
7508175081T-16 SkyhopperA New Hope2015247224.9929.99
7508275082TIE Advanced PrototypeRebels2015355339.9949.99
7508475084Wookiee GunshipRebels2015570469.9969.99
7508575085Hailfire DroidAttack of the Clones2015163319.9926.99
7508675086Battle Droid Troop CarrierThe Phantom Menace20155651539.9934.99
7508775087Anakin's Custom Jedi StarfighterLegends2015370339.9949.99
7508875088Senate Commando TroopersLegends2015106412.9916.99
7508975089Geonosis TroopersLegends2015105412.9916.99
7509075090Ezra's Speeder BikeRebels2015253319.9918.89
7509175091Flash SpeederThe Phantom Menace2015312529.9919.99
7509275092Naboo StarfighterThe Phantom Menace2015442949.9964.99
7509375093Death Star Final DuelReturn of the Jedi2015724579.9989.99
7509475094 Imperial Shuttle TydiriumReturn of the Jedi2015937599.9999.99
7509675096Sith InfiltratorThe Phantom Menace2015662889.9969.99
7509975099Rey's SpeederThe Force Awakens2015193219.9926.99
7510075100First Order SnowspeederThe Force Awakens2015444339.9949.99
7510175101First Order Special Forces TIE FighterThe Force Awakens2015517469.9969.99
7510275102Poe's X-wing FighterThe Force Awakens2015717479.9989.99
7510375103First Order TransporterThe Force Awakens2015792789.9999.99
7510475104Kylo Ren's Command ShuttleThe Force Awakens201510056119.99119.99
7510575105Millennium FalconThe Force Awakens201513297149.99149.99
7510675106Imperial Assault CarrierRebels201512166129.99129.99
7513175131Resistance Trooper Battle PackThe Force Awakens2016112412.9916.99
7513275132First Order Battle PackThe Force Awakens201688412.9916.99
7513375133Rebel Alliance Battle PackBattlefront2016101412.9916.99
7513475134Galactic Empire Battle PackBattlefront2016109412.9916.99
7513575135Obi-Wan's Jedi InterceptorRevenge of the Sith 2016215224.9920.99
7513675136Droid Escape PodA New Hope2016197424.9920.99
7513775137Carbon-Freezing ChamberThe Empire Strikes Back2016231424.9929.99
7513875138Hoth AttackThe Empire Strikes Back2016233424.9929.99
7513975139Battle on TakodanaThe Force Awakens2016409559.9959.99
7514075140Resistance Troop TransporterThe Force Awakens2016646469.9934.99
7514175141Kanan's Speeder BikeRebels2016234319.9929.99
7514275142Homing Spider DroidRevenge of the Sith 2016310529.9939.99
7514575145Eclipse FighterOriginal Content2016363229.9939.99
7514775147StarScavengerOriginal Content2016558449.9959.99
7514875148Encounter on JakkuThe Force Awakens2016530459.9969.99
7514975149Resistance X-wing FighterThe Force Awakens2016740479.9989.99
7515075150Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing StarfighterRebels2016702489.9999.99
7515175151Clone Turbo TankRevenge of the Sith 20169036109.99119.99
7515275152Imperial Assault HovertankRogue One2016385329.9939.99
7515375153AT-ST WalkerRogue One2016449339.9949.99
7515475154TIE StrikerRogue One2016543469.9969.99
7515575155Rebel U-wing FighterRogue One2016659579.9979.99
7515675156Krennic's Imperial ShuttleRogue One2016863689.9999.99
7515775157Captain Rex's AT-TERebels20169725119.99129.99
7515875158Rebel Combat FrigateRebels20169365109.99119.99
7516475164Rebel Trooper Battle PackRogue One2017120414.9914.99
7516575165Imperial Trooper Battle PackRogue One2017112414.9914.99
7516675166First Order Transport Speeder Battle PackThe Force Awakens2017117414.9914.99
7516775167Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle PackOriginal Content2017125414.9914.99
7516875168Yoda's Jedi StarfighterThe Clone Wars2017262224.9929.99
7516975169Duel on NabooThe Phantom Menace2017208324.9929.99
7517075170The PhantomRebels2017269329.9939.99
7517175171Battle on ScarifRogue One2017419449.9959.99
7517275172Y-wing StarfighterRogue One2017691559.9969.99
7517375173Luke's LandspeederA New Hope2017149419.9920.99
7517475174Desert Skiff EscapeReturn of the Jedi2017277429.9939.99
7517575175A-wing StarfighterReturn of the Jedi2017358339.9949.99
7517675176Resistance Transport PodThe Last Jedi2017294329.9939.99
7517775177First Order Heavy Scout WalkerThe Last Jedi2017554449.9959.99
7517875178Jakku QuadjumperThe Force Awakens2017457549.9959.99
7517975179Kylo Ren's TIE FighterThe Last Jedi2017630479.9979.99
7518075180Rathtar EscapeThe Force Awakens2017836579.9989.99
7518275182Republic Fighter TankLegends2017305424.9929.99
7518375183Darth Vader Transformation Revenge of the Sith 2017282624.9929.99
7518575185Tracker IOriginal Content2017557469.9969.99
7518675186The ArrowheadOriginal Content2017775589.9989.99
7518775187BB-8The Last Jedi20171106199.9999.99
7518875188Resistance BomberThe Last Jedi20177785109.99109.99
7518975189First Order Heavy Assault WalkerThe Last Jedi201713765149.99139.99
7519075190First Order Star DestroyerThe Last Jedi201714167159.99149.99
7519175191Jedi Starfighter with HyperdriveAttack of the Clones2017825499.99109.99
7519775197First Order Specialists Battle PackThe Last Jedi2018108414.9916.99
7519875198Tatooine Battle PackA New Hope201897414.9916.99
7519975199General Grievous' Combat SpeederThe Clone Wars2018157229.9929.99
7520075200Ahch-To Island TrainingThe Last Jedi2018241229.9929.99
7520175201First Order AT-STThe Last Jedi2018370439.9959.99
7520275202Defense of CraitThe Last Jedi2018746584.9979.99
7520375203Hoth Medical ChamberThe Empire Strikes Back2018255429.9939.99
7520575205Mos Eisley CantinaA New Hope2018378439.9949.99
7520675206Jedi and Clone Troopers Battle PackAttack of the Clones2018102414.9916.99
7520775207Imperial Patrol Battle PackSolo201899414.9916.99
7520875208Yoda's HutThe Empire Strikes Back2018229329.9929.99
7520975209Han Solo's LandspeederSolo2018345229.9929.99
7521075210Moloch's LandspeederSolo2018464239.9949.99
7521175211Imperial TIE FighterSolo2018519469.9969.99
7521275212Kessel Run Millennium FalconSolo201814147169.99169.99
7521475214Anakin's Jedi StarfighterThe Clone Wars2018247219.9929.99
7521575215Cloud-Rider Swoop BikesSolo2018355329.9929.99
7521675216Snoke's Throne RoomThe Last Jedi2018492569.9969.99
7521775217Imperial Conveyex TransportSolo2018622589.9989.99
7521875218X-wing StarfighterA New Hope2018731479.9999.99
7521975219Imperial AT-HaulerSolo2018829599.9999.99
7522075220SandcrawlerA New Hope201812396139.99129.99
7522175221Imperial Landing CraftA New Hope2018636589.9989.99
7523075230PorgThe Last Jedi201881169.9969.99
7522575225Elite Praetorian Guard Battle PackThe Last Jedi2019109514.9914.99
7522675226Inferno Squad Battle PackBattlefront2019118414.9914.99
7522975229Death Star EscapeA New Hope2019329429.9929.99
7523375233Droid GunshipRevenge of the Sith 2019389449.9959.99
7523475234AT-AP WalkerRevenge of the Sith 2019689559.9969.99
7523575235X-wing Starfighter Trench Run4 Plus2019132329.9929.99
7523675236Duel on Starkiller BaseThe Force Awakens2019191219.9919.99
7523775237TIE Fighter Attack4 Plus201977219.9919.99
7523875238Action Battle Endor AssaultReturn of the Jedi2019193229.9929.99
7523975239Hoth Generator AttackThe Empire Strikes Back2019235229.9929.99
7524075240Major Vonreg's TIE FighterResistance2019496469.9969.99
7524175241Action Battle Echo Base DefenceThe Empire Strikes Back2019504659.9959.99
7524275242Black Ace TIE InterceptorResistance2019396349.9949.99
7524375243Slave I – 20th Anniversary EditionThe Empire Strikes Back201910076119.99119.99
7524475244Tantive IVA New Hope201917686199.99199.99
7524675246Death Star CannonA New Hope2019159219.9919.99
7524775247Rebel A-wing Starfighter4 Plus201962214.9914.99
7524875248Resistance A-wing StarfighterThe Rise of Skywalker2019269229.9929.99
7524975249Resistance Y-wing StarfighterThe Rise of Skywalker2019578569.9969.99
7525075250Pasaana Speeder ChaseThe Rise of Skywalker2019373439.9949.99
7525175251Darth Vader's CastleMiscellaneous201910606129.99129.99
7525475254AT-ST RaiderThe Mandalorian2019540449.9959.99
7525675256Kylo Ren's ShuttleThe Rise of Skywalker201910056129.99119.99
7525775257Millennium FalconThe Rise of Skywalker20191351159.99159.99
7525875258Anakin's Podracer – 20th Anniversary EditionThe Phantom Menace2019279329.9929.99
7525975259Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary EditionThe Empire Strikes Back2019309439.9939.99
7526175261Clone Scout Walker – 20th Anniversary EditionRevenge of the Sith 2019250529.9929.99
7526275262Imperial Dropship – 20th Anniversary EditionLegends2019125519.9919.99

LEGO Star Wars Bestsellers

If you want to get an overview of which LEGO Star Wars sets are currently selling particularly well and which LEGO Star Wars sets are now popular, then it’s worth taking a look at the current bestsellers at Amazon (#ad). These include some good opportunities:

LEGO Star Wars Games

In the meantime, numerous LEGO Star Wars games have been released, which are available for all popular consoles and PCs. There are also some online games and LEGO Star Wars apps that can be played via smartphones and tablets. I would like to briefly list the most important of them here:

    • LEGO Star Wars (2005)
    • LEGO Star Wars II (2006)
    • LEGO Star Wars – The Complete Saga (2007)
    • LEGO Star Wars III – The Clone Wars (2011)
    • LEGO Star Wars – The Awakening of the Force (2016)

LEGO Star Wars TV Series and Short Films

Short Films:

    • LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick (2005)
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2 (2009)
    • LEGO Star Wars: Bombad Bounty (2010)


    • LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace (2011)
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out (2012)


    • LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles (2013)
    • LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales (2015)
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises (2016)
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016 – 2017)

LEGO Star Wars Spaceships

In the meantime, an incredible number of space ships from the Star Wars universe have been recreated as LEGO models:

    • Millennium Falcon
    • X-Wing Fighter
    • TIE Fighter
    • Death Star
    • Star Destroyer
    • Super Star Destroyer
    • Slave 1
    • Malevolence
    • B-Wing
    • A-Wing Starfighter
    • Snowspeeder
    • Y-Wing
    • Naboo Fighter (N-1 Starfighter)
    • Jedi Starfighter
    • Imperial Space Shuttle
    • Sith Infiltrator
    • V-Wing
    • CR90-Korvette
    • Executor
    • Droid Fighter
    • Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner
    • Twin-Pod Cloud Car
    • Droid Tri-Fighter
    • ARC-170 Fighter
    • Death Star II
    • Imperial Landing Craft
    • Republic Cruiser
    • Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle
    • Rogue Shadow
    • MagnaGuard Starfighter
    • V-19 Torrent
    • The Twilight
    • Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer
    • Separatist Shuttle
    • Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser
    • Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship
    • T-6 Jedi Shuttle
    • Sith Nightspeeder
    • Republic Frigate

Latest LEGO Star Wars Reviews

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