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What's the Star Wars Canon?

The Star Wars Canon includes all movies, novels, comics and video games that belong to the official cycle of history. In contrast to the Star Wars Canon there are also the Star Wars Legends. These include books & comics that don’t belong to the official story, but are a kind of “what if” phenomenon. 

  • Star Wars Canon: this list includes all adapted works from the films and series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, as well as all novels published after April 2014
  • Star Wars Legends:  Following the Lucasfilm acquisition from The Walt Disney Company, all books published before April 26, 2014 were declared out of the barrel and then grouped under the name “Star Wars Legends”.

The calendar in the Star Wars universe is titled BBY and ABY, Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) and After the Battle of Yavin (ABY). The Battle of Yavin in Episode IV: A New Hope occurred in 0 BBY/ABY. 


Recommended Books (39 BBY - 5 BBY):

Adult Novel

Young Adult Novel

Adult Novel

Recommended Books (4 BBY - 4 ABY):

Young Adult Novel

Adult Novel

Adult Novel

Recommended Books (5 ABY - 34 ABY):



Usually the distinction refers to the age of the protagonists. So, in a young adult book, usually the characters are younger. Basically, novels for young adults are as good as novels for adults, so we consider them within the same category. 

Best Star Wars Comics to Enjoy in 2020

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Comics whose stories can be tracked, purchased and handled on a periodic basis are called Single Subject Comics. A Graphic Novel is a book composed of comic book content and usually combines several comics into a larger, cohesive package.

Best Star Wars Books for Kids in 2020

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There is a veritable galaxy of Star Wars books available to capture children and younger readers’ attention and imagination. While many of the books on our list are primarily targeted at elementary to high school readers, there is absolutely nothing to stop readers of all ages from opening them up and enjoying them alone or while reading them aloud. These are wonderful stories from excellent authors.

Star Wars Books Release Schedule


There’s never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan, because there’s never been so much Star Wars! The Star Wars franchise has been more than just feature films. Every year, a handful of novels and comics arrive to keep fans busy as they wait for the next movie to reach theaters.

Don’t miss a single new release using the carefully monitored Star Wars release schedule. Follow all the latest releases, check out the list and organize your next readings! You can also subscribe our newsletter and receive all the latest book or comic book reminders!

Star Wars Books Reviews


Check out the complete review and analysis of all Star Wars book releases. Choose absolutely anything that interests you, then take a look at our reviews, ratings and personal comments to decide if it’s the right next step for you! We carefully review every book and try to be impartial, straightforward and honest, but still positive and enjoyable.

Star Wars Books and Comics News


Since the release of the original film in 1977, books have been an essential gateway to the expanded “Star Wars” universe. With hundreds of stories for all ages, there’s always something for someone. Now, with the franchise being bigger than ever, you can immerse yourself in the world you loved in movies, and never leave.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the news so you don’t have to.

Star Wars Books Release Schedule

Star Wars Books Release Schedule

List of all upcoming Star Wars Books. We update our list every weak. Don’t miss a single new release using this carefully monitored Star Wars release schedule. Follow all the latest releases, check out the list and organize your next readings!

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  1. Hi, the more I learn about science and outer space  , the more interesting I find star wars.   Just like every thing else, many people enjoy reading the book over the movie.

    if a person loves to read then you will love books like this. I personally haven’t seen any starwars movies or books.

    but I still think star wars is cool.

  2. Star wars have been one of my most beloved movies of all time because I have watched every part of the series but reading has not been a big hobby of mine until recently so, how better to soak myself more into reading than to study the beautiful stories of star wars. Great ones here and I will check out right away. Thanks

  3. My nephew is a huge fan of Star Wars and  usually buy him something Star Wars related for his birthday and for Christmas, which is just around the corner. This list therefore is very timely and an extremely useful collections I love your recommendations and will definitely use this list to help me purchase a gift. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks a lot for such an amazing article about star wars books. My 14 years boy is in loved with Star Wars movies and video games. Because Christmas holidays are here in almost 1 week, i want to make him 2 books. From movies, videos and video games I want to challenge him to read these books and discover that this wonderful world called Star Wars has been true.

    Thanks again and if you don’t mind, i want to share this article on my social media accounts. Good luck! 

  5. Hey, I didn’t know they have Star War books for kids. My boy loves the movie and always wanted to be like Luke. I would like him to improve his reading skills so getting Star War storybooks will be a big motivation for him. Do you know what age range those books are catered for? And where can I buy them? Thanks.

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