Authentic Kylo Ren Helmet Replica by Anovos [Full Review]

This is a stunning The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Helmet, designed to be an authentic 1:1 scale replica of the original, based on the digital files used in the film as well as unprecedented access to the original prop for deep study. This Anovo’s version it’s an amazing collectible for all the Star Wars fans, who are looking for accuracy.

I do want to point out is that there are two licensed replicas for this helmet. There’s a Prop Shop’s version – but they are no longer around us – and the Anovo’s helmet version.

From the cloth texture to the metalized elements that capture the accurate finish and distinct weathered scoring of the original screen-used face mask. Every detail was meticulously studied and excruciatingly reproduced for the ultimate replica.

It’s the best Kylo Ren Helmet replica that I came across. With unmatched detailing, this helmet not only serves as a high-quality replica for transforming into the character, but also works as an essential piece to everyone’s collection.

The detail and the quality of the construction, the weathering, the chrome which is incredibly reflective, left me speechless.

The helmet itself was made of fiberglass with this amazing “battle-damaged” detail on the surface. But what really came out the most was the intelligent use of paint and physical sanding to get a very realistic metal-looking helmet.

From what I can see, the meticulously weathered indentation and grooves were produced by hand. I imagine if we aligned many of these helmets together, they would all be different. So that each piece is unique which is a nice feature.

The chrome parts have different types of weathering. On top a more silver reflective finish and along the sides we can see it’s much more aged. Here, the chrome grille was lightly weathered to give it a burned look .The mouthpiece looks great. It’s look like it’s three separate parts but they aren’t detachable.

Overall the amount of detail and attention applied it’s quite staggering.

One of the things that pleases me the most is that Anovo’s helmet is made from one solid mould. The Black Series, one of its closest competitors, doesn’t have that feature and has gaps at the top when you put the two pieces together.

I have to admit that there one flaw with this product but it’s extremely easy to fix. The mesh that Anovo’s used in this helmet is very easy to see through. What increases vision results in people being able to see your eyes and that’s absolutely something we don’t want. Basically, all we have to do is to find a mesh, cut it to size and simply put it behind the pre-existing mesh inside the helmet. It’s not perfect but it’s an easy and cheap fix and it doesn’t involve damaging the helmet.  I know they’re saying that it’s screen accurate but i don’t remember seeing Adam Driver’s eyes…

The interior of the helmet is lined which is great. But it doesn’t have those little pinholes like the helmet of EFX, so if you’re tripping around in it, it feels like it might get fairly warm in there.

With all the linen, the interior is extremely comfortable and easy to customize. It includes six padding pieces with velcro that can be attached to the interior with absolute ease. The included padding allows to increase stability and flexibility for different head sizes and comfort variability. You can move the head around without it coming loose or wobbling around. You don’t want this thing falling off your head during a trooper!

I’m totally sure it’s a product that will last you a lifetime and perfectly capable of handling some heavy trooping sessions. This helmet’s fiberglass construction feels incredibly real and doesn’t feel plastic and cheap like the Black Series does.

It’s a collector item as well. No one has an idea how many of these Anovo’s helmets were created, but they’re not mass-produced like Hasbro does with the Black Series. So as a collector, whether you intend to keep this item forever or not, you can be assured that this helmet should retain its value in the long-term.

It’s an excellent addition for anyone’s collection and I highly recommend picking one up while still available for sale. These things quickly disappear from the market.

Please let me know what you think about this post. If you caught something I missed or if you have any suggestions put it in the comments and let me know what are you thoughts about it.

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