How to Explore the Galaxy? Online Star Wars Galaxy Map

star wars universe whit Millennium Falcon

Online interactive map allows you to explore the “distant galaxy” of Star Wars. Fans of the Star Wars saga now have a tool to navigate through the universe imagined by George Lucas.

An interactive map with hundreds of planets, each with different characteristics, according to what is known in the most successful sci-fi saga of all time. This is the Star Wars site – an interactive galactic experience that allows anyone with the Internet to navigate through the “distant galaxy” where all the stories imagined by George Lucas take place.

Created by the design agency Ncloud, the interactive map includes data included in the six episodes of the saga, even allowing you to search by planets depending on the film.

To try it, click HERE.

Star Wars: Galactic Atlas

Star Wars: Galactic Atlas Is a reference book. An atlas of colorful illustrations by Tim McDonagh. It covers the first seven Star Wars movies, as well as the Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars series and novels and comics.

This is the atlas of “Star Wars” for fans of intergalactic geography and biodiversity. The book has detailed maps that also show the people and creatures that live in each region of the universe.

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