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LEGO Star Wars: Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary 75258 Review

LEGO 75258 Anakin Podracer 20th anniversary review

In this short review, I would like to take a look at the special edition LEGO 75258 Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer for the LEGO® Star Wars™ 20th Anniversary and the collector’s figure of Luke Skywalker in X-Wing pilot outfit on a detachable presentation plate.

The Anakin Podracer is a new edition of the first Podracer from 1999 with the set number 7131. The set was released for Star Wars: Episode I and consisted of 136 parts, 2 mini-figures, and a buildable one-eyed pit droid.

75258 Anakin’s Podracer set
LEGO 75258 Anakin Podracer 20th anniversary detail 1
LEGO 75258 Anakin Podracer 20th anniversary detail 2
LEGO 75258 Anakin Podracer 20th anniversary mini figures


The classic Luke Skywalker, included as a bonus in the collection of five different 20th Anniversary Editions, was based on the 1999 mini-figure included in the LEGO 7140 X-Wing Fighter and LEGO 7130 Snowspeeder sets. It is pretty much the same one from 1999 with his orange Rebel Alliance suit. The thing that makes it exclusive is the printed 20 Years LEGO Star Wars on the back of the torso. Also, Luke stands together with the blue lightsaber on a printed presentation plate.

Anakin Skywalker now has short legs and a black wrench, contrary to the original version. Padmé has on the outfit that she is seen wearing on Tatooine. She has the new medium legs and a completely new hairpiece. She also wears a blaster.


The set is relatively quick to assemble. The three bags are divided into a total of 95 sections. Bag 1 contains the cockpit as well as the stand for the Podracer, which can also be used as a handle for playing.


The LEGO Star Wars Podracer is 10 cm high, 35 cm long and 12 cm wide. For 29,99 Euro you get a very nice updated set, which I like very much. From a subjective point of view, I don’t find the old Star Wars sets and mini-figures so aesthetically pleasing. Therefore I am more than happy with the 20th Anniversary Edition LEGO 75258 Anakins Podracer and can recommend this set to every fan.

LEGO 75258 Anakin Podracer 20th anniversary box

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