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Lego Star Wars: Slave I – 20th Anniversary 75243 Review

LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary detail in action

There’s no star system Slave I can’t reach, and there’s no planet I can’t find. There’s nowhere in the galaxy for you to run. Might as well give up now.”
―Boba Fet

An exciting construction, a stable model with great features and detailed mini-figures await you in this Slave I from the series of 20 years of LEGO® Star Wars™ anniversary sets.

This set is the iconic spaceship of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. This can be recognized by the red-brown paint. The Salve I has already been flown by Jango Fett, Boba’s father. However, it still had a bluish paint. Boba Fett was the bounty hunter who hunted the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo on behalf of Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt. Boba Fett was hidden in the trash of an Imperial Star Destroyer, so he could follow the Millennium Falcon without being detected and find his target in Cloud City. After Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in the Cloud City and Darth Vader handed him over to Boba Fett, he took his carbonite block to Slave I

In this set you will find next to Slave I the minifigures of Boba Fett, Han Solo, 4-LOM, Zuckuss and the 20 years anniversary figure of Princess Leia. Additionally the carbonite block with the frozen Han Solo is included. So you can play the transport from the cloud city as well as complete the scene with the bounty hunters on the Executor.

LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary review

Package and contents

The 20 years LEGO® Star Wars™ sets have a great packaging that is matt and rough in some places and smooth and shiny in others. Depending on how you hold it in the light, you can see the different structures. The set has eight plastic bags with a total of 1007 pieces. The 164-page manual is also packed in a plastic bag together with a sticker sheet.

The construction manual itself, is typically well structured and easy to understand. The construction time was about 2 1/2 hours with a coffee break. Please don’t take it necessarily as a yardstick, I build a lot of Lego models in the year. Personally, I rather be in the great chaos and sort the pieces by myself, but since here everything is pre-sorted in sections, a fast processing of the respective section is quickly accomplished. 

Thanks to the usual good instructions, the construction is not a problem at all. Surprising details and an absolutely great design make the Slave I a great Lego star wars set. One of the most beautiful star was models I have built so far. 

LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary detail
LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary detail
75243 Slave I set

Set functions

But the designers behind this LEGO set thought of this, assuming correctly that most LEGO set builders, after completing the build, will want to take this ship out for a spin. The ship’s construction is centered in a way that you’re able to hold the handle on its back and worry only very little about the possibility that you drop it and destroy all your hard work You can carry the Slave I comfortably through the area and let it fly in proper style. This works not only with children’s hands but also with adult hands. A great idea from the LEGO designers.

Furthermore there are a couple of independent triggers on the back, which activate the launcher through an internal mechanism. You can press them down to fire the green projectiles on the front. Also a smart idea.

The cockpit glass is very easy to remove/attach. There is a flap at the back. Han solo (in carbonite) fits in the hull of the ship, and Boba Fett fits in a swinging seat up top.

In addition, there is a rotating weight that sets up the wings and the pilot’s seat like a gyroscope. The wings also rotate, as do the “guns” at the chin of the ship. Bobba always sits upright in his ship, whether in landing or flying position.

Everything is interesting and ingenious. Absolutely super.

LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary mini-figures


The figures contained in the set are super detailed.

A total of five mini-figures and a carbonite block are included in the set. Of course the anniversary figure of Princess Leia Organa is interesting, but also the bounty hunter Zuckuss is great, because he has never been in a set before.

Princess Leia’s 20-year anniversary LEGO Star Wars figure is based on the original from the year 2000. At that time there were yellow hands and heads and the blaster were turned upside down. I also think the presentation stand is very nice. The 20 year old lettering and the name of the mini-figure are emblazoned on the tile. This is an imprint no sticker. The “20 years” symbol is also printed on the back. Personally I don’t like it, but on the other hand it makes the figure something special.

Boba Fett looks great. The imprint of his Mandalorian armour is very detailed. But there is a small difference to the figures from the UCS Salve I (75060) (#ad) and Betrayal in Cloud City (75222) (#ad). His arms are not printed. But it doesn’t matter, still a nice figure.

Han Solo is very common in LEGO sets, but it has to be said that his pants were only included in the UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) (#ad). His upper body with the blue jacket was rare. Therefore a special figure.

The carbonite block is unfortunately not new. Here I would have wished to get one with the new hair from Han Solo.

Zuckuss is something very special, because he is a completely new mini-figure, which has never been seen in any other set before. Zuckuss is one of the bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon. One sees him briefly on the Excecutor’s bridge.  His eyes and mouth shine silver when you hold the figure into the light. The tentacles on the head are continued with an imprint on both the upper body and the leg section. It is also printed on the back

4-LOM was already available in the Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (75167) (#ad). Slave I is only the second set he appears in.


You have probably already noticed that I like the set very much. 

The construction was as exciting as the UCS Slave I and I had a lot of fun. Here and there there were really interesting tricks for placing elements and adding functions. The handle on the underside was a great idea from the designers. It’s stable and can also be used with adult hands, so you can walk around the apartment and let the Slave I fly. By the way, it’s fun. This definitely doesn’t work so well with the UCS version. I also like the included mini-figures very much. Above all, for the first time Zuckuss is included.

Short and sweet. This Slave I is fantastic and I can only recommend it to you.

LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary box
LEGO 75243 Slave I 20th anniversary box

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