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Little Baby Yoda Toy Available! Spread The Word!

baby yoda collection from Hasbro

“Baby Yoda”, the lovely green character in the new Disney series anchored in the Star Wars universe, may be small, but that hasn’t stopped him from generating a huge wave of tenderness on social networks.

The creature, revealed at the premiere of the series “The Mandalorian”, quickly became the star of the show, touching millions of spectators.

A parody account created by fans, @BabyYodaBaby, already has 176,000 Twitter subscribers, with a description that diverts the famous Jedi master quote from the original films: “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, fluffy leads to hug.

Countless screenshots, video clips and even the new social network darling, who moves into a kind of flying cradle and communicates only through squealing, have become viral.

The publications that mention “Baby Yoda” reached 2.28 million interactions on Facebook and Twitter during the first two weeks of transmission of the series.

Jon Favreau, who wrote and produced this series that Disney used to launch its streaming service, Disney+, insisted that the character of “Baby Yoda” remains secret before the broadcast.

Even today, few details have been revealed about what is only called “The Child” in the series, despite his 50th birthday.

It goes without saying that we all want Baby Yoda Christmas and holiday products to be offered to our favorite Star Wars fans and added to our lists. Unfortunately, the products will not be on the market until 2020.

But Hasbro could not afford to wait and revealed a wide range of Baby Yoda products, including some adorable mini-figures. Links to the individual products are available below, and keep in mind that these pre-orders will be shipped in May (#ad):

Amazon is also selling a Funko toy of the character, which has already jumped to the No. 1 spot on the e-commerce giant’s best-seller page for action figures.

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